Although this site has evolved from it's initial form as created in 1994, it hasn't evolved quite as much as it should have, considering it was developed by an erstwhile writer and web designer. With that ugly confession behind us, you may now consider that the webmaster here not only has a family and a full-time career, he also has a variety of time-consuming hobbies - so you may safely assume that updates to Abervon will likely be sporadic. If all this sounds like excuses for rare site updates, then you have indeed hit the proverbial nail upon the head. Congratulations on your perspicaciousness!

The name Abervon comes from an adventure campaign I'd written for a 1980's Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game I used to run (1st Edition; was it that long ago?). Abervon was the name of the region where blood, sweat and tears (not to mention the cliches and puns) were shed on a weekly basis. In fact, my transition to adulthood was punctuated by a variety of intense roleplaying experiences, and I even toyed with a novel set there. If I dug deep enough, I could even find the original outline. It wouldn't matter; the story has evolved in the back of my mind, just like this site has.

At the point in time when this site was designed, Abervon was on my mind a lot, and was something I identified with. It was the genesis of Abervon from scrawled maps and hand-written notes to electronic text and CAD drawings that earned for me a place in the world of legitimate game design - it only made sense that as my life and livelihood moved into the internet age that Abervon metamorphose again. As the World Wide Web was born, I was wading through a very difficult time in my life, one which found me struggling to rise from the ashes of a divorce. I was certain that the high fantasy of Abervon was pretty much all that was left of the youthful enthusiasm I lost with my failed marriage (or so I thought at the time. I have proven pretty resilient). So, from all the possible names I could come up with for a personal domain name, Abervon was it. And it has stuck better than any other name I've come up with since. I Hope you enjoy your visit. If not, there is always google.

Site notes
Abervon.com was developed in ColdFusion using Dreamweaver.

I've made it. A family, a house, a career. Who cares about riches, when you are surrounded by people you care about, nice toys, and things to keep you occupied? I've been published, been a minor celebrity, and a 9-to-5 working guy. Life's good.

I've been a technician who has worked on multimillion dollar satellites. I've slaved for companies with managers who had no guts and little heart. I cut pulpwood, cleaned a slaughterhouse and served coffee as a minimum wage barista. I've run a couple of my own companies, with marginal success. I've been a writer and RPG designer, directed plot for a LARP in a major city. I've been single, married, and divorced. I have a grown son and two daughters. I've been well-off enough to live comfortably - and unemployed and poor enough to find out who my friends really are.

I now work as a contractor in Denver, Colorado, and I'm getting acclimatized to both the open minds and high altitude. I love it here, and I can't believe it took me this long to escape the South.

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