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The name Abervon comes from an adventure campaign I'd written for a 1980's Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game that I used to run (1st Edition; was it that long ago?). Abervon was the name of the region where blood, sweat and tears (not to mention the cliches and puns) were shed on a weekly basis. In fact, my transition to adulthood was punctuated by a variety of intense roleplaying experiences, and I even toyed with a novel set there. If I dug deep enough, I could even find the original outline. It wouldn't matter; the story has evolved in the back of my mind, just like this site has.

Abervon is also the campaign that my ex-wife and I submitted to Gary Gygax, which in turn led to our work with him on the Dangerous Journeys roleplaying game system. It's pretty much what Greyhawk was to Gary - the center of my roleplaying universe. So, from all the possible names I could come up with for a personal domain name, Abervon was it. And it has stuck better than any other name I've come up with since. I hope you enjoy your visit.

If not, there is always google.



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Site notes for June, 2016
Moving to a new hosting service & performing site update. There will be no Under Construction messages.

Today is

After nearly a decade at NASA, I've relocated to Colorado. I think this is where I'm meant to be. I have a good job, a nice house, and a comfortable life.

I've been hosting Twisted Dave's Mile High Show every 2nd and 4th Friday evening of the month. It's an internet radio show, located at

I've also been working on a new tabletop game milieu, and hope to kick that off this summer. It's a high fantasy take on the zombie apocalypse, and looks like there will be some thrilling RP.