Sheesh, where did 2019 go? Maybe I should recap.

Personally, not much changed. There was a graduation, a friend of mine got married. I turned 60. Shit, really? That was an expected but unwelcome thing. Though it’s really just a number and I’m not changing my lifestyle until I finally go tits-up.

We went skiing and snowboarding, and that could have gone better, but at least I didn’t break anything on my first attempt at snowboarding. Some people said that I was too old to be doing that, but I refused to bow to the timeline mother nature has set. Okay maybe for some things, but dammit, I live in Colorado, and I like the outdoors.

We went to Belize for a week and that was pretty fun. Swimming, SCUBA, and a little partying. We finished part of the basement, adding a bedroom, office, and bathroom. My office is really nice. nicer than any I’ve had before. The acoustics are pretty good for broadcasting, when I do my pirate DJ thing.

Professionally, there have been some neat things going on. I mean, my day job is still the same, but Anshadar has started off on a pretty good foot. I don’t have as much time to devote to it as I’d like, but we have Quest! published, and the first book of the EarthZero series was released in March. The first draft of the second book is complete, and we only have to go through some editing. That’s exciting, because I really like it, and I like where the story is going. I think book three is going to be darker (although how do you get darker than Armageddon?).

I am happy. My life is pretty much at a place where I want to be. I have friends and family and things that make me smile and keep me busy. I look forward to 2020.


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