The beach at Chankanaab We were up bright and early Friday morning and went downstairs to try to replace the sunglasses. Surprise - the manager was actually there! When we explained what happened, we were met with characteristic indifference, and heard once again that "there was nothing wrong with them when you bought them..." Okay, fine. We had wasted enough time with the hassle over a pair of cheap sunglasses. Christi rolled her eyes, placed the broken sunglasses on the counter and said something like "Here. Keep them then." and walked away. As Dave turned to go, the manager told us to take another pair from the rack (which is exactly what we had wanted to do on Tuesday). Needless to say, we quickly picked out another pair and hauled ass out of there.

The Moped
We picked up the moped's key and helmets up front and followed the attendant out to our ride for the day. Remembering the volkswagen from Tuesday, we expected that it might be missing a wheel or a seat, but it was fine (except for a bent key that would start the machine, but which may or may not open the seat above the fuel tank).

Dave and his daquiri Riding it was a different story. Since Christi drove the VW, it was Dave's turn to pilot. Given the cab drivers and the sandy roads, Dave was a little nervous about operating this beast with his new wife on the back. It didn't seem to have much power, but we later attributed this to the fact that it was carrying a pair of overweight Americans. :-) (Later on we found that with one rider, it seemed to be fine.)

Waffle House
After stopping at Deep Blue to pick up snorkeling gear, we headed to the Waffle House. No, it wasn't part of the chain, if you are wondering. The food was good, relatively cheap, and we were able to eat at a good breakfast before starting the day's adventure. While Dave drank iced cappucino and waited for the food, Christi walked down the street and dropped of the film from our dive on Thursday.

Snorkeling at Chankanaab: "No, your butt's not sunburned."
If you've ever wondered where all those great photos on postcards come from, this is one of those places. Chankanaab is a state park that cost around $7US to visit. There are gift shops, botanical gardens, dive shops, a restaurant, and a white, sandy beach facing the blue water.

Say hello to our little friend After stowing our gear in a locker, we went for a quick dip in the water. Someone was feeding crackers to the fish, and it was like being in an aquarium. Once we had cooled off, we kicked back on the beach for a while and relaxed. A little iguana came scurrying up behind the chairs and Christi was able to coax him into eating from her hand.

We wandered around the botanical gardens and was amazed by all of the iguanas wandering through the underbrush. At one point we saw this huge adult who came wandering onto the trail. Obviously he wasn't very intimidated by us, and he posed for a couple of photos.

The beach at Chankanaab was very clean, and their were lifeguards on duty. The access to the water was via a couple of rocky stairways that led right down into the water.

This one wasn't so little Dinner at Mañana
After a wonderful day at the beach, we stopped for a bite to eat and a beer. We had taken our Resort Course on Monday at the beach next to a restaurant called Mañana, and decided to stop by there to try the food on the way back. The place is large and airy, with windows facing the sea and an open dining area which lets you feel the breeze while you eat.


Okay, we got sunburned. But we got some nice photos... Okay, we got sunburned. But we got some nice photos...

Okay, we got sunburned. But we got some nice photos... Okay, we got sunburned. But we got some nice photos...

Okay, we got sunburned. But we got some nice photos... Okay, we got sunburned. But we got some nice photos...

Okay, we got sunburned. But we got some nice photos... Sometimes the view is nice above water...

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