Checking Out
We were up bright and early Saturday morning, and finished packing from the night before. Checking out of the Paradisus was a breeze, and we flagged a cab into town. We wanted to say goodbye to the gang at Deep Blue, and we had plenty of time to make it to the airport for out 12:45 flight.

Breakfast and goodbyes
While we were saying our goodbyes, Debbie and Matt offered to buy us breakfast. We ate at La Choza again, though this time we got to order from the breakfast menu. Matt took us to the airport, and we found that our leisurely breakfast cost us our seat assignments. We did get on the plane, but we were seated far from each other. Luckily one of the other passengers heard that we were newlyweds and offered to trade seats with Christi so we could sit together. [awwww....]

The Flight Home
The flight home was a bit annoying, because we had to wait in a big line at Customs in Houston. Then we had to claim our luggage and get it checked again to our final destination in Atlanta. We barely had time to grab a bite to eat before the connecting flight. Luckily, Dave had called and arranged for our friend Chip to meet us at the airport at home.

Cranky Christi
As the day wore on and we got closer to home, Christi became more aggravated at the problems with the seat assignments, the line at Customs, retrieving and re-checking the bags, and the rude American travelers (the only thing that really pissed Dave off - why do people in airports feel the need to be so pushy and inconsiderate?). We have found that we are good touchstones for each other, and when one of us gets impatient the other is often able to calm them down. Christi was a little sad about having to come home, and she mentioned that it was such a shame the adventure had to end. I reminded her that we were about to begin the real adventure - the one that would last us the rest of our lives.

Besides, once we figure out how to make a living on Cozumel, we're going back - to stay.

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