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Oh, boy - Another personal home page
Change is good. In my case, I have mellowed over the years. And to be completely honest, I think my saving grace has been my children. Although I have always been a bit vulgar and abrasive, having two little girls has somewhat gentled my condition, to paraphrase Shakespeare. There was a time in my life where working hard and trying to succeed wasn't enough, and though for a long time, I blamed my second wife and our bitter divorce, it was really something inside me.

If you met me twenty years ago, I apologize. Frankly, I was a jerk. I hope I've gotten better; I think I have. Still, I am not particularly long on tact or patience with someone who strikes me as either pompous or willfully ignorant. I guess what it boils down to is that my inner diplomat must be manally engaged to function, and some days I just forget to bring him along.

I got some 'splainin' to do
I may be reasonably well-groomed, pleasant to talk to, and even fun to hang out with. But basically, I am and always will be a loner with a sarcastic streak a mile wide. That doesn't mean I can't be a positive influence, that I'm unlovable or even unlikeable. What it does mean is that there are very few people with whom I prefer to spend my time besides myself. I have a very small circle of people that I let in; the rest of the world may know something about me, but I prefer to keep them at a safe distance emotionally. You will know once you enter the inner circle. It's warm and fuzzy, kind of like a creamy center.

Like many people, I have to balance my need to live in the civilized world and enjoy all the benefits thereof with the overwhelming urge to say whatever the hell pops into my head at any given moment. I've really gotten better since becoming a daddy again. In any case, this section is full of personal information and things I enjoy. If I have properly designed this page, the mere choice of words will drive off anyone who wants me to cross-link with their e-business. I'm not in this for page hits, so take what you will from this section and go surf someplace more productive. Bear in mind that I'm not seeking you out to push my opinions on you. If you are offended, the rest of the internet is a click away (see sidebar). Again, good luck with that.

A few words about language and freedom of speech
Before you read any further in my site, you should be figuring out about now that I believe in freedom of speech. Words are powerful tools, even the most crude and vulgar ones. Used strategically, a simple four-letter word can express volumes. And by the same token, a good multi-syllabic tirade can leave a target confused and exposed as an unworthy verbal adversary. But the point is, if you are someone who blanches at words or concepts that you personally find offensive, it's best you leave now. Otherwise, you will have to deal with the most patently offensive concept you could face: my freedom of expression. And it won't be pretty.

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