Snow Angel  

Home at last

In October of 2004, we were blessed with a most amazing surprise. Faith Marie came into our lives by way of a dear friend, whose younger sister had to find a home for her daughter. We had been wanting a child for several years, and after researching the legal issues, we applied for guardianship with the intent of adopting.

When she arrived, Faith was bright, perky and very social. She was also pretty even-tempered and well-mannered - and very active. We first had to get her routine down as we slowly introduced her to her new life. From the very beginning, she got along great with Jolie (our dog), but Katzl (the cat) was not very keen on little hands and hugs.

Faith is an absolute treasure, and after a year of working out the details (fingerprints, multiple background checks, and of course, legal fees), the adoption was final in January of 2006. We had to go back to Marietta for the court date, but afterward, we celebrated with dinner and a movie!

In the time she has been with us, she has grown and matured quite a bit, and is now looking forward to being a big sister to our most recent addition to the family - and starting kindergarten in the fall.

Like other little girls her age, Faith likes Disney movies, dressing up in her many princess costumes, eating pizza, playing in her pool, and riding her bicycle. She also loves books, and is currently amassing a library that will one day rival mom & dad's.

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